About John Montgomery

Graduating in Drawing & Painting in 1977, John Montgomery worked in the printing industry until 1983 as a Graphic Designer, then as a lecturer in Art & Design at Aberdeen College of Further Education, helping to found the Foundation Art Course, and also teaching Calligraphy and Typography to Design Students, and finally, installing their earliest Graphical Computing facilities.

After twelve years I left to freelance as 'JMMP' - John Montgomery Multimedia Production - producing audio visual digital media, learning web programming, and digital animation. I did this for three and a half years until I was appointed, as the Learning Systems Programmer for Northern College of Education. When Northern College amalgamated with the University of Aberdeen I was posted to the Web Team. There I introduced and became their principal PHP Web Programmer and problem solver for non-standard, web delivered, media such as online databases, video and audio streaming.

In 2009, I was seconded to Medi-CAL, Foresterhill as Project Coordinator for a Joint Medical Visualisation Pilot (JMVP) project for eighteen months, and thereafter in my spare time I worked as Project Manager on a spin-off development project for the Department of Ophthalmology, Foresterhill. These projects involved developing 3D stereoscopic images from, in the former case, computed tomography (CT) scans, and in the latter case, CGI modelling. As teaching instruments for anatomy and ophthalmology.

When the research grant ended I returned to Web Team duties, but soon decided to become a mature student studying for an MMus : Sonic Art, with the intention of moving into more creative employment. In 2016 graduated with Distinction and currently work as a xero-hours contracted waiter whilst I develop my audio and visual practice. In 2017, I received a distiguished nomination from the Luc Ferrari Centre National de Création Musicale, PRESQUE RIEN Jury for a piece called ‘Vol’, and travelled to Paris for its performance.

I am currently working on a project to complete twelve large paingings for a pop-up gallery one-man show, and hope to combine that with guest sonic art performances in the evening.

Employment History & Skills

1977-1978 : Self-Employed: Screen printer.

1978-1980 : Compass Print Ltd. Aberdeen: As Artist/Visualiser. Responsible for all aspects of Design for Print, Production & Advertising; (Old style) Platemaking, Production Documentation. Appointed Studio Manager.

1980-1983 : Freelance, Graphic Artist : Commercial Design & Print Buying for Agencies & Businesses. Including Exhibition Design for e.g.: Offshore Europe Exhibition stand.

1983-1995 : Aberdeen College of Further Education: Lecturer in Art & Design (16+ age group); co-founded the successful Foundation Art & Design Course, but also taught Access Art & Design; HNC Spatial Design; NORSWAP ; Craiginches Prison Classes. Although trained in Drawing & Painting, I had a flair for teaching both Calligraphy, Typography, and rudimentary Book-binding. I Established Graphical Computing in the Art and Design department. In 1995, submitted to Her Majesty's Inspectorate for an interdisciplinary multimedia course combining Communication Studies, Music; Computer Graphics; and centred on Video Production.

1996 - 1999 : John Montgomery Multimedia Production. I left to work freelance in multimedia production. ( My first two CD writers each cost £1500 ) During that time I learned Programming and Animation, and completed projects for several large companies.

1999-2001: Northern College of Education : Learning Systems Programmer. Building early evaluations of online learning facilities called 'The Virtual Campus'. Also Interactive CDs for distribution amongst Scottish Primary Schools. E.g., 'Success for All - Target Setting within Individualised Educational Programmes' [IEPs] - an online system for writing and managing Individual Education Plans in Scottish schools.

2001 - 2014: Following the move University of Aberdeen: I continued in areas which required media, bespoke programmed interactivity, form processing and encrypted DB storage. I mainly used PHP programming, and MySQL database programming. When the Foresterhill Hospital's educational unit, Medi-CAL were looking for someone who understood the terminology of digital rendering, video, software coding, and 3D visualisation, I was seconded there as project co-ordinator.

Oct 2008 - February 2010 Project Co-ordinator for the Joint Medical Visualisation Project (JMVP) - a pilot project, using Anatomy teaching as a case study, to evaluate potential teaching benefits of 3D Stereoscopic Projection. Our main focus: 3D-stereo display and presentation of the many formats of Dicom files - the whole family of medical CAT scans. The results displayed as a virtual 3D model, a "volume", viewable and rotatable to any angle in virtual space, and viewed like cinema with special 3-D glasses.

February 2010 - 2013: Project Co-ordinator for Dept. of Ophthalmology, Foresterhill. I collaborated on a spin-off from JMVP. Our goal was to develop Wi-Fi hardware peripherals to manipulate the 3D Stereo Projections - virtual models of the eye - to assist in teaching Ultrasound Ocular Scanning.

February 2010 - 2014: Full-time University of Aberdeen Web Team with responsibility for installing SharePoint portals, and SimpleCMS web sites, together with trouble shooting and matters arising with digital media.

Sept 2014 - Nov 2015: I became full-time mature student for a Masters degree, MMus: Sonic Arts at the University of Aberdeen., and graduated with Distinction on 24th November 2016.

Nov 2015 - present: I work as a waiter on a zero-hours contract allowing me time to develop my audio and visual art practice.

Dec 2017 - Nominated: The Luc Ferrari Centre national de création musicale, PRESQUE RIEN Jury distinguished as Nominated works of a particularly remarkable nature from the composers […] John Montgomery for the piece ‘Vol’.

August 2019 - Two week pop-up gallery, one-man exhibition of twelve paintings and sonic performance evenings.