About John Montgomery

Based in Glassel, near Banchory, I graduated from Gray´s School of Art with an art degree and have worked over the years as an Art Lecturer, Multimedia Designer, Project Coordinator with education establishments: Aberdeen College, Northern College, Aberdeen University, and A.R.I. Medi-CAL.

More recently i pursued an interest in Sonic art and graduated with distinction from Aberdeen University with a degree in Sonic Art.

In 2017, I received a nomination from the Luc Ferrari Centre National de Création Musicale, PRESQUE RIEN Jury for a piece called ´vol´, and attended its performance in Paris.

You can read a more detailed career history here >>

You may email me or text me to phone +44(0)7594 255 251 (text because I seldom have the phone to hand).

Finally, from 1998 to 2010 in web design. I'm retired now, and not really interested in doing web design. I think it shows - sorry!


The paintings are all 6ft x 4.5ft - the banner photo above gives an idea of their size. Click a thumbnails to open a larger version of the image. All pa3~intings are £1,200

Email me if you want to make a purchase.

Sonic Art

Currently working on an algorithmic composer using PHP and Csound scripting languages. Ultimately I want it to produce drone, but starting with electroni-ka-ka-ka.

This is under construction - old stuff copied across. And there´s also my soundcloud account

TT Ball is a sound composition for my MMus assignment made completely from sounds from a table-tennis ball, digitally processed of course.

LinearSound4Film is on YouTube. Another assignment, this time to put sound to a silent film clip.

Icepond is based on a walk in the hills, where we came upon a pond with centimeter thick ice. The sounds here are playing with and breaking the ice. The piece is created live in two passes using FLStudio. 1st pass to scarify, 2nd pass convolution.

Medit Using the FLStudio sampler played live in one pass, using a test song I made a while ago for the drone.

Minimalist : I played and held a piano note until it faded away completely (29 secs.) Then used Csound, pluck, and convolution reverb to create these 29 second notes. It is entirely done with Csound scripting.

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